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About Us

Our Story

The story of Diogo Louis started when the possessor of the brand Ajit singh Panwar and Somya Singh who were school mates turned into soulmates thought of creating affordable lifestyle products for the masses.
The MBA Graduates always wanted to have their own brand where the customer have a sense of belongingness with the product without compromising on quality and looks.

The couple always had an inclination towards fashion which according to them is not something achieved by being extravagant. They wanted to provide people with stylish ,voguish yet elegant lifestyle products at modest price.

The ambition took place by doing all the hard work for which they moved to a new city new challenges to manifest their dream and this is how Diogo Louis was well- founded.

We Believe in empowering people to wear the latest trends and nicest designs at an affordable price



Diogo Louis started in 2022 from our founders home in Gurgaon where the couple spent enough time in packing and processing the orders anytime during the entire day or night along with their little kid and a lovely Dog by their side.
Strength and growth came only through hard and continuous struggle and efforts. They started the journey with a small capital but the endeavour to turn the dream into reality was never small. It had many ups and downs ,tireless exertions, mistakes along with learning. The journey improved by the passionate concern of the dedicated individuals learning everyday from mistakes and high and lows in the work.
We soon launched our website and then there was no looking back.

For Us The Journey has just begun and there is more to come.